I want to learn music theory and guitar, I know the basics of music theory, same goes for guitar, as I've taken lessons before. But it cost me more money then I have to take these lessons, so I had to stop. I got as far as the basics, I know the keys, the notes on guitar, blah blah. I want to continue learning this stuff, but I'm kind of lost as to where I should go next.

I should also mention that I got into intervals, but before I finished learning my lessons went away, so I know a small bit about them..

I know I should try to memorize the notes on the guitar..

I have a book that tells the chords (atleast basic ones, I guess).
I have a little blue music theory book, but it's written for piano users, but I know guitar and piano are similar...

And that's about it.. Can anyone tell me what I should be doing next? (after memorizing chords and notes)