I just found out about it and think the idea's awesome, 15-16 hours! I actually haven't listened to a minute of it, but I'm gonna get it. Has anybody listened to it, like it?
ive listened to part of it in music class
its an opera and theres a DVD of it somewhere
my teachers seen it and says its a bit of an overload the first time you see it (hes seen it live twice or something) and they space it out over a few days
if your into operas you'll like it
I can't say I'm into operas cuz I've never been exposed, but I'm interested. Is it like falsetto viking operas (for some reason that's what I've always thought operas are)? Or is it like, reasonable...
hmm some of it does have that massive falsetto stuff aye
i dunno havent heard that much
some of the music is definately worth hearing
try and get a hold of the DVD set if your interested thats the only way to find out wat u think of it
ew, I'm listening to samples on amazon and it's... kind of what I thought it would be. THen again, when I first heard classic rock I abhorred it, now it's my life blood... I'll give it a try.
You'll recognise some of the music, 'The Flight of the Valkyries' is quite famous. I'm not a big Wagner fan, his music is very heavy, but on the same hand i've never sat down and given it a proper go. He's the marmite of opera, people either love or hate him.

The Flight Of The Valkyries Some animation to the music.