It's called Slamming Doors, obviously.

This is pretty poppy, but I like it. It's also a very rough demo. I don't have all the lyrics or a solo. Not sure of the title either. Basically the song is just incomplete. I'd just like some input in advance before I do a final take. There's a few pitch mistakes on vocals, and they don't sound their greatest, I did them quickly. All the instruments were recorded through crappy practice amps so they don't sound great either.

I just wanna know what people think of this song, and any recommendations for riffs/melody/lyrics. Or a better title.

If you leave a link I'll crit yours.

I like it, I actually do. the place for the solo, i started just playing on my guitar along with it, and i think something that would sound nice is starting off with some eighths or fourths and then just flying around in some arpeggios that try to mimic the vocal melody.
personally, i liked it.
especially how the guitar started the song off,
and how the bass drum came in.

but i dont think the vocals should be panned to the left
during the verse.

other than that, i love it.
oh also i was wondering how long it took you to put together something like this. I know it's simple, but I've never done a full song recording yet. I've only done short clips that are on my profile. And if it isn't too much I'm also wondering what software you used for the drums/mixing
Thanks guys.

I didn't mean to pan the vocals, not sure what happened there. I'll make sure to fix that next time. Also, thanks for the input on the solo.

This song only took me about 3-4 hours to complete. In truth I had been working on the bass line and guitar riff for about 2 weeks. But tonight I had a lot of free time so I decided to record them and see how they sound together. I made up all the lyrics, vocal melodies, and basic song structure tonight as I recorded. I actually kind of amazed myself, ideas just kept coming to me. People talk about letting ideas come to you, but this is the first time it's really happened to me. It helped that I could record stuff to see how it sounded with the rest of the song.

I used Acoustica Mixcraft 3 for recording. It's a great, easy to use program. It's a lot like Garage Band but it's for Windows. You have to pay $50 though. I thought it was well worth it. Look it up on google, there's a 7 day free trial that you should take a look at. The drum software is Hydrogen, it's also fairly easy to use and it's free. I could've actually done a lot more complex drum stuff, but in the interest of time, I only did a couple of fills.

Anyway, thanks again for the input guys. If anyone else has any advice please let me know! (I C4C if you give a link)
Would you guys recommend recording the instruments in sections and then reuse those recordings by mixing them in, or playing through the whole song on each recorded track?
Thanks again for the crits.

Quote by Wildcat31
Would you guys recommend recording the instruments in sections and then reuse those recordings by mixing them in, or playing through the whole song on each recorded track?

For something like rhythm guitar that's gonna be playing almost all the time, just record the whole song at once. Same for bass, etc. Leads and stuff can be done in seperate sections. For vocals I like to do one track for chorus and one for vocals. Do each chorus in sections, and each verse in sections. I normally do bridge/other vocals in the verse track, but you can make a different one if you want to. It's nice because if you mess up the last chorus you don't have to do the whole thing all over again. I hope that made sense.

Any more crits please let me know. I C4C!

Thanks for the tips. It reminds me of Blink 182's earlier stuff, and The Cure with all the chorus and delay on the guitar. You should really make a cool solo to close it up, and if you ever get the chance to polish the vocals too.
this is nice dude. your voice isnt actually half bad either lol

bit ordinary.

but very good. like the prgroessions, chorus is good too. awesome


crit mine? called "these streets I walk alone"
THis is pretty good man. I like your voice but it sounds like your singing a little nasally but it still sounds good. You sound like blink-182. Crit mine? In my profile.
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