Im pretty new to guitar and i was hoping for some feedback now that im starting to get a little better. Is this enjoyable? What makes a song like this better? That kinda stuff. The song is called worrywart rockingchair or wwrc on the page.

Indeed it is! I love it. Your voice is almost indentical to Thom Yorke. Harmonica makes it really neat.
Thanks for the replies and for listening. Can anyone think of improvements, stuff that doesnt jive or maybe rip it apart some??? The Thom Yorke vocal comparioson is ridiculous and flattering! Its about paranioa. Does that come across?
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this is nice dude. really nice.

youre new? sounds smooth for someone new.
one of the most pleasant voices ive heard in a while.
jsut great.

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Sounds good...you do have a voice...wish I could sing as well as you do.

Great stuff

As for the guitar playing...its pretty good for a somewhat new player however it can still be cleaned up and polished more however that will come in time.
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Very pleasant music, how old are you?
You sound like you have a well broke in voice for the style of singing you do.
Keep up the good work!
~ J6hn
Nice opening progression.
Your voice is really good and the simple harmonica reminds me of Neil Young's Heart of Gold.
So far that single riff seems to be carrying itself really well.
The middle section is a nice change, and I like the way you sing the word 'away'
You seem to have a worldly tone to your voice that conveys that you are an experienced person in life (which may not be true, I don't know).
One criticism is that the vocals are just a little harsh which could be fixed by removing some of the high-mids on an EQ.

All up I love the simplicity of the song and think more people should make their songs in this simple, reasonably short fashion. I know I wish I could write simple progressions like yours.

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Very good........Better than mine lol. you're very good at keeping a rythm and the Harmonica is AWESOME!

btw my song is a bit rough of a draft....the solo is gonna be better in the next version
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wow, that impressed me very much! so many people on the internet are just beginners trying to build a new for themselves, but even if you are new, i wouldnt call you a beginner.

i thought the acoustic had a pretty nice sound. maybe experiment with mic placement to get it a little bassier or fix it in EQ because to my ears it sounded a little trebly.

not sure about the harmonica. ill leave it up to someone else to crit this one just because im a bit biased againt harc anyways

and your voice was very pleasant to listen to. i think work on putting a little more power in your voice cause at times it sounded a litlle weak.

anyways, i really liked it, keep it up. any chance of a download?