i like almost all guitars but the one i have the biggest problem with is the reverse flying v. i just cant like it. share your oppinion
Yah man, they look like ****.

But, I guess some ppl like it.

I think some ppl try 2 hard 2 be different and just conform by doing so which is the opposite of what their trying to do.

And theirs no advantage to that ugly thing anyways.
it's probably the ugliest guitar I've seen in a long time.
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You mean the one Carvin sells? Yeah, I agree.
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for some reason i thought you meant that guitar on the back of the guitar one magazines with the neck coming out of the opposite end of the v
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it shows the guys at gibson can have fun and have a sense of humour, its meant to be stupid haha.
its so out of place in there line-up u got all these amazing guitars then u see this piece of ****
i actually think they look pretty good, but then again, I'm all about ergonomics, and sometimes i like things just becasue they look "different." I feel that the gibson reverse V would be both really comfortable to play and really memorable.