im just wondering what are you guy's favorite guitars?
it might help me choose a new one
ummmm... ummmm... guitar???
Strat, Les Paul, but not copies, Gibson and Fender FTW
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Orange Cabinets
Quote by hot4teacher
what sounds are wanting to create, also what amp do you have.

i would really like a jazzy.. sorta blues maybe sound and i need a new amp too :] maybe i'll get one with the guitar
ummmm... ummmm... guitar???
my favorite are semi-holo's
i play my friends all the time, and i love that thing. just with i could find one fer me!

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My favourite guitar: Les Paul copy, ebony neck, ebony fretboard, ebony top body (one piece), ebony pickguard, ebony cover trusrod, indonesian mahagony back body, gold hardware, seth lover seymour duncan pickup: