when I play something like


I can barely hear the a string, and it's like the for most notes. Is this normal? I play in standard tuning
Have you tried upstroking? Hit the A first and then the E? Your picking style might also need work if you're hitting the E really hard and then just dragging the pick across A.
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maybe your not striking both string evenly... like your hitting the A a lot softer... either that or you have the low end on your amp cranked that might be effecting it a bit.
do you have a crappy pickup? try playing

is it just your A string? or all of them?
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Is the E string still the loudest when it is fretted?

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When it is fretted, no, it sounds fine

It might be the settings on my pedal, they're all set to the defaults on what the guy at the guitar store was playing them, only thing I've changed is the distortion level, not sure about everything else

I'm hitting each string evenly, and I've tried stroking upward, still sounds the same, and yes it's just the e string
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Try turning the outer knob on the left center knob counter-clockwise and see if that helps any.

Alternatively, turn the pedal off.
Is it still like that without your Pedal? If not, its the Equalizer on your pedal. Try doodling with it until you find a sound you like.