The hole that I screw the strap bolt into is stripped and won't hold the screw anymore. What should I do? Was thinking I could just drill a new hole right above it, but would this mess up the balance of the guitar?

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You could put wood filler in it

toothpicks and wood glue!! hooray!
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Yeah, just shove a toothpick in there.

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toothpicks and wood glue!! hooray!

Hooray, indeed!
i agree, shove a tooth pick, a match, a random stick or two and then just shove the screw in, will hold it nice and firm
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Yep, toothpick and some wood glue has fixed all of mine for years.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
match sticks or toothpicks!
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You could buy an eye hook and screw it in there like Eddie Van Halen did, might look ghetto though depends on the guitar
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