So i was screwing around with my guitar the other day, and made something that sounds startlingly familiar to some Iron Maiden song that i've heard....it may be Number of The Beast but I listened to it a few times and couldn't find it. So, for all your UGers, I present to you....that thing I may have made up:


*end with a pinch harmonic, if you'd like....or add one of those harmonics about 3/4 of the way to the bottom of the third fret on the D string with a behind the nut bend, that's cool too.

So, what do you guys think? Is this a blatant rip off of some Iron Maiden song or am I actually being slightly original?

Also, I'm a relative noob to a guitar, so if that's following a certain scale, I would like to know which one it is (if that much information makes that determinable).
First, you should use code to post tabs like that.
minus the spaces.

Second, we need a tempo (or general area of it) to play it correctly.


There ya go.

And lastly, it'd help us and you a lot if you had Powertab or Guitarpro. Makes it a lot easier to write songs and to critique them. =)
yeah, I can see the number of the beast in there, but NoTB isn't really that original of a riff where you could say that you "ripped it off." too many songs to count go from bass note to the 3 and then the 4. so I think you're good.
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