I Was playing one of these amps today, and iv been looking at it seriously as an option to buy. But i noticed something. I knew about the non-footswitchable channels, but what i didnt know was that theres not even a button to press to switch channels on the amp (that i could find mind you) so the two inputs are for the blendable channel, and the normal. But there is no dedicated 'drive' channel as far as i can tell, and it all seems a little too complex, anyone with experience with the amp please clarify channels, and channel changing etc. The cleans were fantastic btw, but that is the only ting i had a gripe with. So if someone could explain it to me that would be awesome, i wasnt all that confident about asking the sales clerk, he seemed to jittery and 'new', so i wasnt going to get an informative answer.

MY UNDERSTANDING: Clean channel= 'bottom' input

Drive channel= 'top' input (the one with the blendable option)

And you have to actually change which input your lead is in to change channels.

It all seems a bit odd to me.

Any clarification would be GREATLY appreciated.
Both channels can do a good crunch, and both channels can do a good clean. The normal channel is a little bit thicker and won't have as much gain as the top boost channel. You pretty much use it the way that you use a single channel amp, not a two channel amp(even though it is).
But if you do want foot switchable channels then you can get an ABY pedal to go between one, the other, or both together.
oh, and to blend the inputs you plug into the top boost channel and flip the little switch toward the normal side. When you plug into the top boost channel with the switch pointing toward the top boost you are only hearing the top boost channel.
Meh, I hope that made sense, I'm kinda tired
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So i'd just need to buy an AB/Y pedal to deal with it?, is it much of a hinderence to not have it anyway? Cos i want it for its cleans, and i have pedals for OD etc, but im worried that i wont be able to utilize the amp gain if i want it. So just an AB/Y pedal should fix it?
I use the blend mode, and set the two channels to what I like as my "standard" crunch with my guitar's volume all the way up. By rolling off the guitar's volume, the amp cleans up very nicely. Back up to ten for that crunch, and then step on a tubescreamer or treble booster to put it into higher gain territory.

It's an amp for people looking for that AC30 sound and that's it! It's a great sound, and if you take the time to listen to Queen, you'll hear the wide variety of sounds that you can get out of the amp. You just have to learn how to tweak it without traditional channel switching.

The other option is the A/B/Y box. Set the normal channel for cleans, and the top boost for gain.
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many people misinterpret the terms channel and input. AC30's have one channel but multiple inputs. There was never any button to switch to a "distorted" channel like with other modern amps. The AC30CC2X only has one channel and two inputs. To get maximum gain, just crank the pre-amp (and, if you wish, blend the inputs). You can also add an overdrive pedal if you want. I have an AC30 and I almost exclusively use the top-boost input with or without an OD pedal. Sometimes the manufacturer can be quite confusing in their descriptions. If you are thinking of buying the AC30, I think you should. It's a good amp to say the least and I've never met anybody who regretted buying one.