In the editor's letter [page 82] of the February 2008 issue of American Vogue, editor-in-chief Anna Wintour states how appaling it is to learn that Senator "Hillary Clinton, our only female presidential hopeful, had decided to steer clear of our pages at this point in her campaign for fear of looking too feminine."
She goes on to state that our society is flawed because a "contemporary woman must look mannish in order to be taken seriously as a seeker of power".
Is it because The Washington Post visibly recoils at the slightest hint of cleavage on a senator?

Sooo your thoughts on this? Would you vote for a president that was so obviously female even if she displayed the characteristics of a fine president?

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I got to sit through a half hour long discussion on politics by a couple morons I know.

"I don't think a woman should be allowed to be run by a woman, because she would be too emotional at a certain time of the month."

This statement was made by two women. Apparently they don't consider menopause.
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well no matter if she looks like a woman.. everyone knows hilary had a bigger **** than 99% of all men in america... damn.. rumor is she was a stand in for dirk diggler...
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hahaha "sexism the ultimate humour" a6l6e6x, 2008

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Man, Hilary's penis is bigger than yours any day.
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she wont win no matter what she does, cuz shes a clinton.

we're gonna get 4 more years of republican hell if the dems stick to business as usual (straw-man arguments, failure politics, etc)