hi all profs
in fact after 6 years of having guitar and practice average of 1 hours a day
i am in ponit that i feel i have no achivements
i start it as self taught so now i need some help
playing is not problem
but my theory is weak
have tons of books but do not know how to start
i know basics like notes , intervals , beats but problem is start for songwriting
i have some sparse basics of scales and chords the major and minor intervals but how should i apply them in song writting?
more specifically progressions and scales to use with them
if i have c major scale c d e f g a b c (wwhwwwh) and triads come out of it ex (c e g)
and so on how should i create correct progression that sounds good how t make melody over it?
thanks a much
Hrm, go check out the Crusade series on here (they're still going) and start from the beginning, they're a very well written set of texts and they really do help starting off

But basically if you've got the books then the way to go is to just use them for what they're for and take notes and see if you can change the examples to other keys and stuff to see how it all applies and basically just make sure you know how it all relates to the guitar itself
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It seems like you know bits and peices of theory but haven't got a firm foundation. Read and learn the Music Theory link in my signature. Once you understand that, go to the Music Theory FAQ and learn about chord progressions and how to make them. That should give you a solid amount of knowledge to create your own songs.
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