Ok im debating whether to buy some lemon oil or not. If so which brand would you say to buy? Such as dunlop or w/e. Anyway i just used the SEARCH function (woopie) and someone was saying its best to use high quality furniture polish, if so which. And should i use specific guitar oil, or furniture oil?
lemon oil is good shyte man..
i use it on my les paul, x20 and rgr421...
that stuff does wonders for the fingerboard, also cleans the body nice.
i use D'Andrea
Dunlop 65 lemon oil got a whole clothful of crap out of the fretboard of my Dot. But really, lemon oil is lemon oil. Get whichever brand is most available to you.
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so i could use lemon oil then stick some GHS fast fret on and it should play like a dream?
with lemon oil do you have to clean rosewood fretboards first or do you clean it with the lemon oil? also how much do you apply?
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