I'm looking to get an OK overdrive pedal for about £35, and it seems that the best for this price are the Boss SD-1 and the Digitech Bad Monkey.

Iv'e already got pleanty of distortion pedals, so i need the overdrive for a solo boost and light overdrive.

So can anybody tell me which one they prefer?

thnx in advance
boss super overdrive
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maybe a power booster in the effects loop would be a better choice as a solo boost. a bad monkey really wont raise your level much if its already going into a well saturated preamp
I love the SD-1 very different sounding overdrive pedal, it's the only OD that has actually stayed on my pedalboard. I would check out an Electro-Harmonix LPB though if you just want a volume boost, they are only about 40euro which is damn cheap and they are supposed to be great
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dont get it without checking the bad monkey out first, a lot of people prefer it to the boss.
The Boss is poor compared to the Monkey.
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^ The SD-1 is NOT better.

- It has a flimsier construction.
- It has a disgusting skewy OD sound when compared to a real OD
- The bypass is SHOCKING, wheras the BM actually has a good buffer.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.