Ok. I'm in a band and we play a variety of funk, classic rock/blues and soft rock.
At the moment, we only have a singer and rhythm guitarist (me), lead guitarist and a bassist. We are looking for a drummer. I want to ask a few questions.

1) How can I play rhythm guitar for...
A) Funk B) Blues C) Soft Rock
.... whilst staying away from power chords?

2) What ways can I avoid a twelve-bar-blues sequence?

3) How can two guitars harmonise rhythm?

THANKS! EdawMail!

EDIT: Oh, and i need to be able to sing at the same time
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1 A) Learn some funk songs and analyse what they do
B) same for blues
C) same for rock

as for staying away from power chords, play bar chords or open chords

2) Dont play 12 bar blues?

3) One guitar can play an octave higher than the other, or play the same thing.

For singing at the same time, RTFS
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