Well my mains fuse keeps asploding.
What happens:
->I turn on amp (Marshall JCM900 4100) w/ standby on and let warm up
->I turn off standby and *bop* there goes me fuse.

The output valves are fine, unless somehow its a pre-amp valve.
Basically, i've replaced the fuse 3x today. Same problem.

Yes, I will be taking this to a tech unless the answer is relatively simple, ie, turn screw here. But it won't be.

I'm mainly wondering what could be the problems that would cause this?
Depending on the problem, how much am I looking at spending to get it fixed?

Honestly, I wish this happened later in the year, i'm not working and I want to get the amp serviced when I get more money to throw about, and I want to change tubes. Much easier for me. But no, she had to be difficult.

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Short circuit i guess. May take hell of the time to find out what's wrong : / try turning standby off with volume and gain controls set on minimum.
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look all i wanted was for someone to give me advice on what to do not to slag me off ok

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Try flipping the standby switch very quickly rather than slowly, as you may be getting arcing within the switch..
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