I like doing it on the train or bus, particularly on long journeys when it is dark.
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I write melodies in the shower, I write chord sequences on piano or guitar, wherever really. I'm really not too bothered about 'environment', but it will usually have an influence on what the song sounds like.
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Kitchen table, with some coffee, early in the morning or late at night. I keep a 4 track on my table.
Very late at night, like around 1 AM, that's when I write my best.

That, or when something very very bad has happened. Like when my gf broke up with me a couple months ago I wrote volley after volley after volley of material. And when you write that much, some of it's bound to come out pretty good, and sure enough, some of it did

So yeah, either really late at night/early morning, or when **** happens
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I usually just kinda jam after smoking a bit. I put the mic on because I feel like I play in a less inhibited manor when high so I come up with some cool ideas that I can later listen to while sober and turn into clear progressions and whatnot.
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history class is great for writing lyrics.

using what the teacher is blabbing about as a theme for your song.

many of my songs were writen this way.

just goes to prove, history can teach us so much, as well as write songs.
Anywhere inspiration strikes, though I've noticed the environment has a great deal of influence on how it comes out in the end, because I may have written a song earlier in the day, and may rewrite it in a different environment, and it'll come out somewhat different.
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Late at night, in my bedroom. Or if its with a friend, in the conservatory
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In maths I come up with lyrics. But it's usually just in my bedroom at night.
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I write melodies in the shower, I write chord sequences on piano or guitar, wherever really. I'm really not too bothered about 'environment', but it will usually have an influence on what the song sounds like.

+ 666

yeah dude same here... see GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!
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i dont write the lyrics for my band my friends decided to get somebody else to do it. I had good ideas but ill give her a try first
in our bassist's/lead singer's basement that's where we do most writing.

+1 to whoever said late at night i do that alot...
I find that I write better lyrics really early in the morning (That's like 2am early, not 6am early) under the influence of coffee. It's like being drunk in that you don't necessarily remember them too well in the morning due to the EXTREME FATIGUE, but when you read them you think 'awesome', rather than 'what the fuck is this'. But yeah, dimly lit room, alone with my thoughts, possibly murmuring to myself for dramatic effect.
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In total silence... the melody is always in my head, i just hav to get it down on guitar which takes lik a sec or two and then i fool around wid it a bit and get a progression.
Wherever there's inspiration and/or musical instruments readily available.

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I typically write lyrics in my room usually between the hours of my 10 PM and 1 AM. And I write on the computer in wordpad. Sometimes it takes me months to write one song.
In a quiet place listening to some sweet laid back instrumental jams. Usually place doesn't matter but if I COULD i would get a nice log cabin out in the middle of nowhere near a lake or something, just be one with nature.

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