Hi All,

I have an Epiphone Les Paul Standard (2000 model)

When ever I play the G-string there appears to be a buzz to the note, a vibration can also be felt up the neck and into the headstock.

It is most prominent when I play an open g then hammer on at the 2nd fret, the buzz almost sounds like the string is out of tune but it blatantly isnt!

Any ideas on what to do would be most appreciated!!!!

Thanks people

By the way, which ones Pink?
Ur action might be to low
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Your bridge looks like this? Its really simple. The metal piece where the strings are lying you can see two posts. These are basically just screws. So if you take a flat head screwdriver and loosen the bottom one (right in the pic), it will raise your strings up. Try loosening it a little and trying the G string again. Should fix your buzz problem.
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the response. I have raised the action but things havent changed. The buzzing is still there. Also when tuning up the G-string on my electronic tuner the needle seems to flicker quite considerably!

Any more top tips would be vastly appreciated.

Cheers again
By the way, which ones Pink?