Going to try this and the base AD15VT over the next couple of days to see which is better for NWOBHM stuff. Anybody have one of these and care to share your thoughts about what whether this works better for you than the other Vox, and what music you like it for.

Please list the pros/cons as you see it.

Really appreciate it. Trying to do as much research as possible beforehand, but I just don't see many reviews for this one compared to the AD15VT.
I don't like mine at all. It's being replaced with a real valve amp very soon. The Clean channel turns to mush if you try putting your own effects through it, the distorted channels sound awful if you have the gain knob set too high or too low. The AC30TB mod is truly dire. The effects aren't bad, but nothing to get excited about.
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A Roland Cube 30. Don't get the 15 or 20 watt versions.
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A Roland Cube 30. Don't get the 15 or 20 watt versions.

You're posting again? Just go to the local Guitar Center already!!! You can post a million times, but the only thing that is going to answer your questions are your own ears. Go try them out. Use your ears. Listen to them. Then decide if you like them or not. Nobody can make that decision for you.
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What's wrong with the Cube 20? Don't need 30watts.

It lacks all the good models that the 30w has, and is therefore worse.
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I would say go for a Vox AD15VT. then replace the stock tube with a sovtek 12AX7LPS.

Now you have a decent modelling tube sound on all the channels, and with the proper eq'ing you can get great tones on the AC30TB, and the UK 80's. the UK modern isn't bad either.

If you know how to set up this amp and the effects, it is perfect for bedroom practice, or for a beginner to get in on recording to hear their mistakes through the line out into a computer.
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