what is it about?
what type of song?
anything in particular?

im finding that there are certain lines and bits in my own songs, that i love, and alot of the time, have a personal subliminal message that means nothing to anyone but me.

favourite songs you have written. why are they your favourite?
It's about a girl.
Kind of a pop/rock/alternative song.

I just like the way it sounds, nice chorus, I did the vocals well, decent guitar. The name is cool too, Before Reality.
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3 of my favs...

1. its about War... not supportin it tho... its psychedelic rock.

2. about a girl ^.^ and that ones just.... rock.

3. its a rly short one like Meat Loaf's Monstro... in fact its the same idea.. like operatic chorus etc. etc.
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It's about a girl.
Kind of a pop/rock/alternative song.

I just like the way it sounds, nice chorus, I did the vocals well, decent guitar. The name is cool too, Before Reality.

thats a nice name. nice names are pretty necesary nowerdays with people downloading and myspacing the music a good name will get some good listens. not the greatest of bands, but i like how fob and panic! at the disco, have real long names to their songs
I'm writing an instrumental right now that kicks ass. Its taking me a long time though because I'm having to stress over every single note.
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Mines called Open The Rules. I posted it on here actually.

It's like a RATM orientated lyrics. It's like anti-political etc because I was very pissed off at my school at the time.

It really like it. 12 lines on rhyme F*CK yeah!

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It's not finished, but I'm writing a kinda rock song with some ska influence. I don't have any lyrics yet, or a band. Well...I have a singer...Now I just need bass and drums...
my friends asked me to write a funny, happy go-lucky song, so i wrote this song called "Umbrella Boys".
Lets just say it would be very poppy, but i never got a rhythm.
I actually have a small collection of songs that I have written over the course of twenty some-odd months that I truly like. The fruit of my effort has left me with seven, eight or nine pieces that I still play now even months after first writing them. Over time I have managed to arrange them in an order that feels like it flows quite well and I want to record them as an EP one of these days.

They were all written by me on guitar - sometimes the lyrics came first, sometimes the music came first, sometimes the music and lyrics were written simultaneously. For the most part they are relatively simple and repetitive because I want people to pay attention to the words.

Starting with the only real downer of the lot we have Timid, a song about being indecisive and withdrawn. It has a rather eerie feel to it due it's slow, simple, fingerpicked chord progression.

After that we move onto Canary a much, much more up beat song with lyrics about a yellow bird. Essentially, the lyrics are about having a healthy relationship with a significant other and convincing them that even though they upset you sometimes you still want to be with them. Corny? I think not, because all this is hidden by singing of yellow birds.

Then there is Gumdrop Sailboats, which is a song about compromise and about accepting responsibility for your actions. I think this song contains one of my favourite lines that I have ever written - "No one is as blind as he who refuses to see."

After that we have Spilt Milk, which is about learning to cope with difficult situations - disguised by singing about spilt milk, mockingbirds and all the kings horses and all the kings men. Really.

The first song to use a guitar pick in this heap of sound is Black Swan. The chord progression is a beautifully simple G, Em, C, D chord progression in 3/4 time (which I totally stole from In the Aeroplane Over the Sea) and the lyrics are about wanting to be something you are not, masked by the singing of tearing feathers from their skin and gluing the feathers to yourself.

The sixth song is Untitled (for now) and it is a rather strange song with lots of chords that are "off". It contains lyrics about being easily persuaded into doing something that you know is wrong. This is hidden by singing about lions in a zoo and breaking china.

The seventh song is back to fingerpicking and also is not yet finished, and unfortunately, I can never remember the lyrics for it because they change rather often. It is about tucking a child into bed and reading the a bedtime story. These lyrics, however, actually speak of putting child to bed.

The eighth and final song I impose upon you to read is Cookies N' Milk. It is a simple love song. The lyrics include being a fish, eating cookies and milk and walking the person home in the rain. All in all. it works well as a song to close the EP (if I ever get around to recording it).
My band (No Soliciting) has a song called "Give me your hand" (not a love song) it has some kick-ass lyrics with a good solo and transitions. It's not my favorite out of ours but we only have 5 songs so it's hard to decide
I've got about 14 songs that all are symphonic prog metal songs I've written over the last few months. And I dunno, I can't pick any one that I love more than any.... the song "Lost To These Waves" is actually probably my fav. Took me a week of like 5 hours at a time to write, its 12 minutes long and the lyrics are the only decent ones I've ever written....
I once wrote a song called Stairway to Heaven.

That was pretty awesome

In all seriousness though, I've never written a full song but I have written some beastly riffs for my old band.
err, probably "In the Wake, Of My Forlorn Dream Pt.1" it's kind of a doom/death/black/prog metal piece and is my longest song I wrote...it hit 14:09 when it was slowed down and at norm speed it's 13:14 \m/...I think I posted it on here too.
ummmmmm. i wright more of the music not lyrics.

and that would be... all for the sake of
we know that best
i made most of it. ehh i really dont have eveerything down yet in my band
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Link in sig. Comment me bitches!

It's a sort of Metal Power Ballad type thing about this girl who I desperately love, but she's practically marrying this other guy.

Win some, lose some.

Victory: Wrote cool song

Loss: Beautiful woman.
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A collections of cohesive songs I've written called, "Stories from a Yellow House."
It's about a family. Each songs deals with a different member of that family, and some of them go into one another.
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i wrote a song back when i was a total stoner called "Valley Cruisin", it was my 'big hit' among all the people that have heard me. Kinda Jonny Cash meets punk type acoustic stuff, with some fingerpicking thrown in. Still my favorite song I've ever written

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the least crappy song i've written.

1. it's called "Father Kane", it's about Father Kane Camp, an abanonded church camp by my friend's house and it's supposedly haunted.

2. acoustic. my friend plays acoustic, i do some bluesishidk stuff over it either on acoustic or on electric with some distortion, and my other friend sings. my friend that plays guitar doesn't know how to keep time or rhythm, so it's weird playing with him lol. if you can help him out, his UG name is fender1618.

3. but yeah, it's about a haunted camp. i've found that of the things i've tried writing about, i'm best at supernatural stuff, like hauntings and ghosts and crap or whatever. i still suck at it, but maybe i'm the first one. that'd be teh pwnz. i will be recording that song, another one, and possibly yet another one with my two friends on friday. whatever we get done i'll probably upload to UG so you can lawl at it.
I forget what we called it, but my band made this crazy melodic metal song. It's my best solo so far.

We also made a song called Slay The Heathens. The solo is pretty short and simple, but I made up for that with my best riffage so far.
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1) I don't write lyrics, my singer does.

2) It's an intense speed metal song with a sick interlude.

3) It has my favorite solo i've writtern and a sick guitar harmony ending. Plus my drummer goes insane and it sounds sick.
I used to write out lyrics quite a bit, but never could come up with decent melodies or riffs.

One day, me and some guys got together to record a "live" album of sorts (we plugged into the system in my church's gym, a sound guy EQ'd it as close to studio quality as he could, then hit record on a recording station and we played through stuff live.)

The first day we were there, my best friend, the singer, asked me to go pull up some lyrics to one of the songs I wrote so we could have another original track to put on there. We were waiting for the drummer to arrive, so he tweaked the lyrics a bit and came up with a melody while the guitarist and I jammed out an AC/DC sounding, old school rock riff. When the drummer got there, we played it for him once, went over it with him once, and then knocked it out in two takes.

The song is called "Saved." It's about the path to salvation and how it's not just a say a prayer and you're done kind of thing, but repentance and a day to day walk with Christ that constitutes the act of salvation.

So, seeing as how it's the first (and only) song I've ever written to get recorded in any way, I'd say it's my favorite.
My favorite song I wrote is called "Into the Mist". It's a Speed/Thrash metal song about Shape shifters.
Sounds like Exodus and Megadeth.
It's on my Myspace, called "Gone Again."

It's my favorite because it is an ideal goal setting approach for me, and my goal is to incorporate contrasting genres into my music without compromising their inner qualities. I thought the transitions between different sections flowed quite well, however the synth instruments don't interpret the playing as exactly as I want to. I also love the vocal melody and the back drop of the rhythm section. It is self indulgent but I really do nod along to my song.

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I have a few that i like i wrote a reggae song i really like a few blues songs and some hard rock, I wrote a few funk and folk songs too. I'm pretty much all over the map with it but i'm still developing my writing skills.
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It's on the link in my sig. It's an instrumental, all the songs i write are, it's called The Trial (Volume 1). It's very simple, unlike most of my stuff, which tends to be layered.
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Well I'm kinda naive about the whole songwriting field, so maybe I'm screwing myself over, but I usually just mess around (I have little to no theory knowledge) with chords and note progressions, and then if i like it I develop it, and then whatever I'm feeling I try to think up lyrics about...
My favorite is way unfinished... but it's starts out with some arpeggiated chords on a clean setting, and then turns into a distorted metal-like riff (lots of palm mutes and random hammer-ons) that I think sounds pretty good, and I've heard good things about it... but it's still, by far, a work in progress.
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I have some licks that I really like and am surprised I came up with. I can't do vocals because my range is horrible and I always sing out of key. No names though, hard to do that when you've only got a guitar, and a ****ty one at that.
I posted mine, its an acoustic/alternative type about, you guessed it, my girlfriend, but i've written a lot and this seems to be my best.
I wrote a song about boobs called Boobs 37 .
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I wrote a minute-and-a-half instrumental that starts off with a clean, eastern vibe and transitions into a couple metal riffs with lead guitar that drills the outro into your skull. Good stuff. My favorite piece that I wrote, anyways.
I wrote a pair of songs which I'm really proud of, because I love concept albums and songs which tie into other songs.

The story is about a person who dies and the trials and tribulations they face approaching "The final hour." As the songs are titled. Part one is from the perspective of someone watching the person die, and part two is from the perspective of the person dying.
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