my acoustic doesn't have a stud for my shoulder strap. (well, it does at the base of the guitar.) that leaves me tying a string around the headstock to the strap.

me no like that

where can i safely put a forward stud without risking the guitar cracking from stress?

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First off. Change your avatar. That's C.C.'s

Second. Go buy a strap button and install it on your guitar, to find out where, ask the people at your local music shop. Or guitar center. They should be able to help.

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One of the safest places to attach a strap button to an acoustic is the back side of the neck heel. It all comes down to your acoustic though, it may be best off to consult somebody knowledgeable who can help you with the placement.
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i just went down to my local music shop with my guitar and talked to their tech, he had a spare strap button laying around and installed it in the neck heel for me in about 30 seconds. Best part he didnt charge me a thing
I put one on the far side of the neck heel, works great.
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