Talked to an amp tech today and he has mods for several Marshalls. Im a total noob on this, so bear with me. One certain mod will make the amp work on a cranked level, however at lower volumes. So basically you have the cranked tube driven sound already available at lower volumes. Sort of a built in powerbrake? He said that this mod was applied quite alot and already exists a long time. It is not expensive.

This mod would require some holes to be drilled. Is this a good alternative to a powerbrake? Does the mod reduce value of the amp (I dont want to sell it now) and would you do it?
depends on the price and how well it works. It might be a better value just to get an attenuater.
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I would do the mod if it does what it says, and if the effect of the mod is removable with a press of a button.
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Quote by splat102
I would do the mod if it does what it says, and if the effect of the mod is removable with a press of a button.

But would that reduce the trade in value of the amp?
nah probably increase it
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It kinda depends on how he's going to mod it, it sounds like he might just be planing on pulling one of the power tubes. You should find out how he's doing it, i have seen some interesting methods of doing it, one guy installed a small light bulb into his amp and used it as an attenuator
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