Basically, what program is best for recording guitars and vocals using a Pod2.0?

I've only really heard of Cubase and Audacity. Will one of them do or is there a better one?


EDIT: Money is no object
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Might as well get Cubase if you have money.
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Is there anything better than Cubase?

I heard that Adobe Audition is good, but is it better?
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Audacity is the best free program out there. I think with the Pod it might be set up to run Line 6's Rifftracker software so i'd check that out. If money is no object, I'd go with Logic 8 if you have a mac or Cubase if you have a PC. Protools won't work unless you have a digidesign or M-Audio interface so don't try and buy that for this.
Ableton Live, Cubase, Cakewalk Sonar on PC.
Logic Studio on Mac.

Any of those are good.