ok, so i am straight up saying my Epi LP Custom w/ my Flextone II does not put out the enough gain for TDWP type of songs, let alone any hardcore metal.

i cannot even do pinch harmonics , & im foing them the proper way too. my friend uses a schecter c-1 plus w/ a crate GLX1200 head and said "your doing it right man, but you dont have enough gain"


would the Boss MD-2 mega distortion pedal pump out the gain i need?

i know that it has a gain knob on it..just wondering what equipment i could buy thats is relatively cheap to give me lots of gain.
electro harmonix metal muff.

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electro harmonix metal muff.



Also, you're obviously not doing it right. If I can do a pinch harmonic on my clean channel with a single coil pickup and a tremolo bridge. So can you.
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yeah you probably arent doing it right....if you can do pinch harmonics, you really should be able to do them on a clean channel, too.
well let me take what i wrote back, i can do them, just not on the thicker stringsonly saying cause a lot of TDWP songs have squealy pinch harmonics notes, which my friend does with ease, but i cant seem to do it and he even said i had the right technique
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Also, you're obviously not doing it right. If I can do a pinch harmonic on my clean channel with a single coil pickup and a tremolo bridge. So can you.


I can get a decent pinch on an acoustic, TS work on them.

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I find it easier to do pinches on the heavy strings, what gives?
Not enough gain? really? i've never played one, so i guess i cant say. its just kind of surprising; Line 6 seems to be very into making models suited to metal.

if you think that you do need a new distortion pedal, try the Metal Muff and any others you can. i'm personally a big fan of the Line 6 Uber Metal but it doesnt seem to be extremely popular around here.

i agree with the above people, your technique probably isnt right. mess around with hitting different parts of the string. try near the neck pickup, the side closest to your bridge.
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do you guys use your thumbs to do pinch harmonics or ring fingers......ring finger is my bud's preference, mine is thumb...idk who is right, but he gets a way better pinch harmonic than me.
I have a uber metal laying around and it worked really nice on my marshall and the thing makes pinch harmonics a breeze for some reason. Guess its voiced for that style... Also its pretty much pantera in a box...
The digitech death metal is good if you add another distortion pre-amp like on my zoom effects processor, but by itself is pretty ****, I'm saving up for a new amp so I can stop having to worry about all the distortion pedals, so I'd say if you just wanna get a pedal for the devil wears prada sorta stuff, Boss is your best bet, allthough you still probably won't get their tone.