how to play riffs like this one (from aesthetics of hate)?

E |-------------------
B |-------2---3---5-

my problem is that the the low c# is ringing throughout and it all sounds crappy that way. do you guys just palm mute or is there any other technique? (i think its too much work to always stop the string from ringing by putting a finger on it)
Hmm. I thought aesthetics of hate was drop D?
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the reason C# is ringing is because you arent palm muting it correctly.
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Quote by jigy-i-joe
Hmm. I thought aesthetics of hate was drop D?

Definately not.

Isn't it ACTUALLY (along with most other Machine Head songs) in DROP B.

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it's definitely in C sharp when I'm playing along to it but I have a live recording so they possibly changed it...
You could either just practice the palm muting or play the 2,3,5 as 7,8,10 on the F sharp string instead if it's easier.
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and no it is standard tuning tuned down 1.5 steps (most of the machine head songs are drop b though, but on the blackening they use a very strange tuning , drop c tuned down 1/4 step, this is why some songs are this way and some the other one)
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Definately not.

Isn't it ACTUALLY (along with most other Machine Head songs) in DROP B.

No its C# i can play along for the whole song and it sounds perfect.

But yes muting the low C is what you need to do, but playing 7 8 10 on the F# string is an easier way to play that part.
It's in c#. and play it as :
7 8 10 8 10 8h10p8 7
00 0 0 0 0 0

sry abou that if its hard to read but itll be easier to play and palm mute because it is on the low e and a string
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