I'm looking for a new overdrive pedal, and I'm stuck between the Digitech Bad Monkey and Boss OD-3.

I need a pedal that's good for classic rock, but also for modern sounds too. So it's gotta be able to do well with a light boost up to heavier overdrive (not metal or anything though, just hard rock).

I'd like something that's versatile for tweaking my tone so I'm leaning towards the Bad Monkey because of its extra controls. It has the low and high knobs, while the OD-3 has just the one tone control.

And I need a pedal with a lot of sustain, because my current setup isn't giving me much.

Which, from your experience is the better pedal?
Bad Monkey, for versatility.
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I think I'll go with the Bad Monkey. I am kinda on a budget since I'm saving up for a new guitar. And from the sound clips I heard, the Bad Monkey sounds better.

Thanks y'all.
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Bad Monkey, for sale.

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