What are some good Big Muff clones out there?Or fuzz pedals that can give me a muffy sound.Man I love saying that word....
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procro rat

but why not just buy a big muff

Because the ones they make now days are kinda crap sounding.
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Then why do you want a clone of something that's "crap sounding"?

Because the clones are not clones of the ones the make nowdays

EDIT:Would you people please try and be helpful rather than question me.
sweet sound pi face
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sweet sound pi face

Yeah I was looking at that,and the ICBM Fuzz.Is there a reason the Pi Face has no tone knob?
BYOC Large Beaver- Do-it-yourself effect build, comes with parts to make a Triangle Muff clone or a Ram's Head Muff clone.
Sovtek Muff- NOT the Russian reissue sold in stores, I'm talking the early '90s green monster. I have one, it's an awesome pedal.
Sweet Sound Pi Face- I haven't really heard much about them, but the clip I heard didn't impress me much.
Barber Trifecta- Three fuzz/distortion sounds in one pedal, one of which is a Triangle Muff-type sound. I've heard great reviews about this one (and Barber in general).
Dice Works Muff Diver- Sold on ebay, these are Triangle Muff clones with Pete Cornish inspired mods.
D*A*M Ram's Head- If you've got the cash, this is supposedly a great clone of a Ram's Head Muff.
Cornish P-2- Again, if you have the cash.
Skreddy Pink Flesh- This is a Muff inspired pedal, though it was recently discontinued.
Skreddy Top Fuel- Also a Muff inspired pedal, though from what I heard, I preferred the Pink Flesh.
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the russian muff is excellent
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