It's on my profile.

I recorded it over the "Gilmour-like" backing track from guitarbt.com...I'm too much of a pansy to throw sweeps into my improv so this is mostly alternate picking. Also I know I screw up ina few places but bear in mind this was only the third take and I was making it up as I went so blegh.

Any and all comments would be appreciated
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I liked it. I thought it got a little boring after a while, so try to mix it up and be a little less predictable. Otherwise it was pretty good
That backing track is very David Gilmour =P

Sounds good, nice phrasing =)

Very strong sounding guitar, clean style that the sloppy camp drools over =P

If you want to hear my stab at a Pink Floyd hack, check out "What is You" in the profile. Around 2:10 is where the lead comes in.
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