3rd song!

It may seem a bit repetitive, but that's the point. Some of the rhythm sections are obviously meant for two guitars, but for clarity's sake I've kept it as one.

Will gladly crit anything you send my way.
the last breath of autumn.zip
Oh ****, where do I start.

When it finally kicked in I was on the edge of my seat!

How did you come up with the acoustic bit?!? That was fantastic!

I liked how you were using the same notes/key but each riff sounded new. 10/10!
Dude. That was EXCELLENT. It reminded me quite well of Dissection's classics. The last acoustic was really eerie, the first one was just amazing, and part J!!! Straight out of a Dissection tune it seemed.

Great work.
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Intro was really epic sounding and the chord progression was sick.

By part C I was starting to get sick of those 64th note though. But the riff aftr C was SWEET.

E sounded great.

Acoustic work at G was INSANE. Great writing there.

Will this have vocals? Cause there's a lot of repeats lol.

J was sick. I thought the rythm guitar faded out a little too quickly before it, however.

Drums were way too fast and obstructive at L, in my opinion.

Ending really didn't do it for me. It was kind of random. I'd just end with that last distorted chord.

Overall, great piece. 9.5/10.

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Most of those indivicual sections are great (wow, I say that a lot...). However, it sounded like the song could have ended at two or three different points. The structure might need a bit of tightening up, that's all, too much fading away into acoustic sections etc.

On the whole, riffs are nice and catchy, and that's about all I ask for.

Good song...very good song!!!
A. Good epic
B Better!!!
C Good Chords
D I like it good break

G yeah acoustic part really nice
H Better (Bass Work)

L Cool!
M Hmm...May Be Cool May Be Bad!

Total 9.8/10
Good song!!!!

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That was awesome, until the first acoustic interlude it needs vocals, from the acoustics on out it kicks ass. From J onward I felt like I was listening to an old Emperor cd... Very nice!
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Yeah man...sounded real good. The first acoustic part was brilliant...nice break to add to the mood. Could definitely use vocals for the first half.
awesome stuff! i'm usually not really into black metal but this one was really interesting because of the diversity. there's a lot of great ideas and the piece flows wonderfully, great job merging on merging the different riffs so smoothly. bar 24 especially is an awesome riff. i don't really have anything bad to say except that it maybe could use some sort of intro since the first riff sounds a bit sudden but that's hardly bothersome. I did like the ending, reminded me of the Blackwater Park outro.
I love Black Metal.

For me i didnt really like much of it untill riff E and then riff F had me hooked.

Another one i loved was J, that a super black metal riff.

You have to record this song!!! then sent it to me, ha.

A - Really good riff for an intro, got me intrested in the song from the start.Good work on this one

B - This section was a bit boring after a few repeats.Sounds nearly the same as section A(cos it uses the same nots )

C - This got me more interested, the build up if you will. It really flows from section B

D - Now this is more like it. Black metal!! Onething is that i dont think the drums are good enough, the riff is really good but the drums dont follow suit.

E - This section was ok, not too amazing. Still good though

F - This got me hooked once again, grabbed my attention

G - This section is in my opinion the highlight of the song, the acoustic work is brilliant.Its perfect.

H - See above ^ ^

I - This section was alright, not bad, not amazing either.

J and K - Now at this point i started to lose interest, mainly cos it doesnt have vocals.I think vocals would do wonders for this song.

L - hmm, i dont know what to say, still losing interest.

M - This was really good, it works really well for an ending.

Overall, its an alright song, vocals would patch it up i think. Some good riffs, but it got a bit repetitive after a while.

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Theres things I liked and thing I disliked about it.

Every single riff was very good, however imho when they are repeated over and over again it gets annoying, at least to me. This is why i cant stand alot of black metal.

The acoustic section was very nice and soothing but it kept the creepy factor as well. I didnt like the outro acoustics that much because it was so abrubtly ended, i would say keep it going and fade that out.
I liked this very, veyr much.

The part when it broke into the triplet riff was very...yummay.

The highlights were:

The first acoustic break (Wow)
The overall keyboard sound
The drumming at 2:58

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That was awesome! I liked that there wasn't a massive amount of focus on the guitarwork for a lot of it, but that riff at bar 51 was insane. I'm not a massive fan of Black Metal (despite my avatar) but I really enjoyed that. I'd probably give it a 9/10, it was great.

I liked it a lot, but I think you should do less chords.
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Little slow in the beginning but yes, once the speed kicked in it was pretty damn good. Acoustic part was really nice as well. A solo was racing through my head during those last measures, there potential for some shredding if thats your style.