Hey, i have a PBass copy, and i hate the scratchplate, so i want to remove it, only problem is the vol and tone pots.

Can i remove them without ****ing my **** up?

you'd just wire the pickup directly to the output jack with no problem. However, you do realize that when you take the pickguard off, there's cavities routed in the body for wires/pots/ the pickup, and there's holes for the pickguard screws, right? You should consider getting a different coloured pickguard or something rather than taking your current one off if you don't like it.
Or, you could do a new paintjob over wood filler to hide the cavities
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Wood filler won't work for body cavities. What I would do is route the cavity into a simpler shape and cut a piece of wood to fit snuggly into the cavity. Then sand it flush and paint over it. But yeah, just wire the pups parallel directly to the jack.