Im on a very tight budget and looking at the cheapest guitars I can find that will sound decent and wont fall appart when I touch it, im looking for ones that are in the EU and I wont have to pay for shipping fro america or whatnot.

Anyway I was looking at this, is it any good, does anyone know? Also I heard that beginers are better off with smaller guitars, this is full size will that give me any problems?

If its no good can anyone point me to a better guitar around the £50 max price range?

Thanks, and sorry if the post didnt come out right im a bit hungover
sorry to break it to you, but to get a decent sounding and well built guitar, you're gonna need more than 50 pounds. I dont know anything about that guitar, but at 29 pounds, you can be sure it isn't any good.
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Well I know that Yamahaa have good beginer guitars, that you can get for about £90, will it be possible/wise to get that seacond hand for a little less? If its that bad then I will have to wait a while longer before buying one then.
In most cases, you get what you pay for. You're going to need about £100 for something decent.
Ok can anyone tell me if this is any good? Its upping my budget a bit but its still under £100
^--It doesnt have a solid top so it cant really be called 'good'
beginners packs usually arent very good. good enough for beginners? possibly. but if you plan on getting any farther, you're going to need to pay a bit more. you get what you pay for. you really do.
the yamaha is probably your best choice. if i was restricted to your price range, i would probably get one as well.