i wish...
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no. i can tune my guitar myself thank you. waste of money.
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A price tag in the thousands for an utterly pointless convenience marketed at n00bs with too much money?

No, I haven't.
If all it did was tune itself, yeah, it would be just a gimmick, but I could kind of see where a guitar able to quickly change between a variety of tunings could be useful to some people. One expensive guitar might be better than having to carry around and use five different ones.

I don't really see myself ever using one, but I also don't swap between tunings either.

It is definitely a very gimmicky marketed item, but I can see there being a niche for something like that, even if only for a very small handful of people.
Eh I rather Buy An Epi Lp Custom and a Tube Amp and still have alot of money left over. Dosent fender have their won version of this. I think it cost alot less.
Theres a system that you can put on guitars to auto tune different tunings. I forgot what it was called but i think if i remember, it was around 180pounds. Not that easy though coz it requires an extra knob somewhere on the guitar to switch tunings
You can go from E standard to G standard in negative 3 seconds!
Jk, i really dont know, dont care..

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