whats your opinion on usuing a fender hot rod amp with a metal zone for a a good tube amp distortion? would it work well for playing hard rock?

metal zone = ****ty distortion


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metal zone = ****ty distortion

wow! this must have helped you alot.

that is the set up that I use. I didnt want to buy a "metal" amp, bc I dont play in a metal band, and would like a little more tonal variety.

This guy thinks metal zones suck? There are 100,000 people that will tell you they love them. I like mine a whole lot, andhave had it for over 10 years. I bought the Fender HOt Rod, bc there arent too many LOUD tube amps on the market for around $350. I live in LA, and tons of my friends are in bands......and 2 of the more respected players I know....love their Deluxes and Devilles, so I got me one too.

The only negative thing I can say about this set up .......if you can play fast.....sometimes doing runs on lower notes will sound pretty muddy.....but I still wouldnt say it sounds horrible, or anything.

So, YES, you can get metal tones out of this combination, and it will sound pretty damn good. However, if you are going to be playing live shows in a metal band.....you dont want to go this route, obv.

Also, I probably dont need to tell you this, but anyone that writes this guitar, or pedal sucks,......#1 never played it before, and are hating, #2 totally misinformed, and follow the trends in GuitarWorld.
^ played both. don't like either.

the hot rod has really nice cleans, but i find it's drive and more drive channels sound choppy and just terrible. yeah, you're probably gonna say that's what everyone says... mostly because it's true.

TS, my opinion on this combination would be to not bother if you play exclusively metal. if you want nice cleans and an amp with an already decent drive channel, that you could beef up with a decent OD pedal, look into:

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