Hi guys,
its my birthday next month and since i got a new amp for christmas and Scream, Aim, Fire as an early birthday present, im looking for a budget mic.
Im a complete noob with this stuff so id appreciate no nooby comments cause im not even sure this stuff is possible.
Heres a few questions.

1. Is it possible to plug DIRECTLY into my computer like by USB or whatever else with a mic and use a free recording program like audacity to record?

2.If you can what are some good mics for £50 ($100~) or less that will go directly to my computer?
i would prefer cheaper but if i can justify spending the full £50 then i will.
I will be using it to record guitar and bass, and the occasional vocals, but vocal quality doesnt matter.

3.This is just to lay some ideas down, like demos so i dont forget them.
But something like Toneport is out of the question because i was wanting to use my amp to get my own sound, not amp models.

Thanks alot for helping a recording noob in need
You can get a USB interface which will plug into the USB port of your computer, and then you can plug a mic or guitar cable into it. Usually the USB interface will come with some kind of recording program; if not Audacity has always been good enough for me, enough to forget about all my expensive recording programs. The M-Audio FastTrack is my personal recommendation.
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there are loads of USB mics that will work - but an INTERFACE will give you better sound... Try the M-Audio FAst Track


or if you prefer a snowball Mic is fairly well rated...

Now running an Eleven Rack with Pro Tools 10.3.3 - it's amazing and I'm having ball with it - worth every penny. PT 10 is tops IMO and the Eleven Rack is a work of art!
You can get a mic which will go directly into the computer. Any microphone will, in fact , with the necessary adaptors (apart from condensers) but you won't be able to achieve workable results with your stock soundcard. To avoid purchasing an interface, you could go with something that has a USB interface built in, like the Samson G Track. I know it's over your budget , but you didn't mention whether you had extra to spend on the interface separately.

Take a look anyway

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+ 1 on an interface, they are loads better than your standard USB mic...
read over the stickies and see the new videos.

also look up Tweaks Guide though google.
Once you read all that you'll know exactly what you will need.
Ok guys i would prefer to go straight with a usb mic as this is just to record some riffs and songs on my own.
So which would be better.

Blue Snowball - £65 with sennheiser headphones (found a good deal) and using audacity


Samson G track - Is it enough to warrant spending more? as i wouldnt be able to get it straight away

Wondering if anybody had experiences with either?
and also could somebody tell me what tweaks guide is?

edit: is this tweaks guide? http://www.tweakheadz.com/guide.htm
i think you can turn all the amp models off on toneport, plug your guitar into your amp, and plug the amp into the toneport through the amps out line.
If I were you, just as a starter piece of kit to get you going, I would just the the Snowball. That way , you can get straight down to business, with (what I can only imagine, as I have never used it) OK results.
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