K i have a bit of a computer problem my system is

intel 2.4 quadcore
XFX 7900gs
2Gb Ram Nvidia
600w PSU
XFX 680i sli motherboard

ANd i bought call of duty and have been playing it online for the last couple of weeks and its restarted my computer twice while loading a map or switching to single player.
Ive done an anti-spyware and anti-virus scan on my computer and found nothing. I think its some system overload or something because it only happens when i play COD4. And this probably isnt too good for my computer so i want it to stop.

btw My system fully meets all the requirments for this game no problem and its not a pirated version.

Any Help appreciated thanks
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Some sort of driver error possibly.
I know that was the problem with mine restarting itself.
Tried a reinstall of CoD?
Something called paged pool memory, or the page file. Close down any other programs running in the background especially things like Norton anti-virus. I had the same problem with both COD:4 and HL2. Clear your hard drive of needless crap, defrag etc and try either closing down the big anti-virus programs whilst playing or removing them and finding some free ones.
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