right so ive seen lots of people coming and asking The Pit to help them cos they have aids, or their belly button is bleeding or for watever medical needs instead of going to the doctors (yes very clever)

so instead of 500 threads gettin created, I have taken the time to create this thread.

so post any illnesses u need help/advice with etc. etc.

i'll be back in 4 hours to see whos dyin n whos not.
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Carmel is hawt
This thread seems like a good thread to be stickied as well. Its a thread I'll be keeping a close eye on if it keeps active anyway. Should eb interesting and hopefully as time goes on I'll be able to contribute more and more.
Good idea.

Well, to all future posters, here are the 4 main elixirs that will cure whatever you have in combinations, or just on their own.

1. toast
2. >50% alcohol
3. paracetamol
4. seeing a doctor.

In fact, I'm not sure if you're supposed to combine paracetamol with alcohol. But they rhyme, so it's probably allright.
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there not gonna listen to you
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NO!!! I love the medical threads! They're what makes the pit great (or pathetic, whatever word you feel like using)!
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Pleasure2kill, you are a genius!
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I don't know of any problem that can't be solved by a cup of tea.

Getting shot in the stomach. Tea doesn't relly help.
Probably won't work.
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Asking for medical advice or to be diagnosed with a problem on an internet forum isn't really a great idea.
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First page!

I hope someone actually uses this

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I have super aids.


It's your figiggly gland. It'll have to go.
Then, you'll have to drink 3 shots of Jack with every meal for the next 43 days.