A# F A# D# G C

how would I accomplish this and is it possible, or would it go horribly out of tune?
Anythings possible. But you would have to adjust the springs alot. Along with having the truss rod adjusted if you plan to keep it in that tuning. You'd have to have larger strings on it too. Wouldn't be worth it IMO.

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that sounds like a lot of fuss... but meh, there goes all and any hope of every playing an in flames song =(
It's drop d plus 2 steps down. Some will hold it, some won't. I've had my guitar down 3 and a half steps and had it hold for an hour.

EDIT: I didn't read the whole thing. Thought you were asking how to get to the tuning and if it was to low in general to hold. I don't know.
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erm, that is what I was asking, so thanks for the help

I mean I didn't notice the Floyd Rose thing. lol. But, I don't see why it wouldn't be possible.
oh right, thanks anyway. I've never really changed my tuning (on pourpose) so I wouldn't have noticed that it was drop d and 2 steps down (not that I'd know how to do that anyway =/)

its just not worth it...

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