Just a couple days ago I got my new amp setup up and running. It's a Carvin Legacy head (on the 50w setting) into a Carvin 2x12. And all the reviews I had read and samples I'd heard seem to have been... well, wrong. It was described as being heavily biased towards lead playing, with a very warm, full sound with gobs of sustain. However, the sound I'm getting is very weak, without much sustain, harmonic response or character. It's very dry too.

I thought this was strange, seeing as people had said it worked fairly nicely even at lower volumes, but I decided to run it loud to see if there was a difference in tone. Well, I cranked it up to 5 on the master with the preamp set at 6-7, and that same characterless, dry, lame sound was there, just jesus-god loud.

So right now I'm feeling kind of aimless, as I spent months looking around for something that would suit me, found this, and now it sounds kind of bollocks. Any suggestions on what could be done? Different pre/power amp tubes, EQ settings? Basically just ways to haul the best tone out of a tube amp.
It could be a lemon. Exchange it.
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