These are very rough demos. I'm really looking for feedback on the writing/arranging. Most of it was done in one or two takes and I know there are timing and intonation problems, so please look through some of the aesthetic errors. Any feedback is appreciated, and I'll be glad to C4C if you leave a link.

Best Laid Plans:

Don't Kill Yourself:
What genre of music is this lol? Slightly annoyed I stopped Pendulum to listen I really dont know what to say about it, well arranged and stuff but I just dont like the song, sorry mate.

Crit back? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=776400

I critted Best Laid Plans. I dont like the name of the other 1, its to blunt if you know what I mean, unless its got a different meaning, then am sorry.

both songs are good, i like the lyrics, i liked dont kill yourself more. what you guys could try is going off into a round or go into 2 separate vocal parts, it would sound cool.


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