jailhouse - sublime is what im listenin to right now.. and i know Right Back by them, which says "sometimes, since ive left the pen..."

well i happened to be locked up while i was supposed to be a senior in high skool.. did a year and then some.

so i think it would be funny if i knew a bunch of songs that say something about being in jail or prison..

off the top of my head: folsom prison blues - johnny cash

you pitsters know of any others

(classic rock/90s grunge/folk/blues only please)
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oh, oh, oh, I have another one!

Prison Sex -tool

and another:

When your in prison -the offspring
jailbreak is kinda about that. its by ac/dc
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Jailhouse rock of course, Elvis ftw

damnit! beaten to it!
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On topic: No, I haven't met any famous artists.

ofcourse i laughed xD

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