My god im having trouble,
I just want to connect my rc 20 loop station to my gt8.the gt8 im just getting to know a little better but the rc 20..... DOING ME MELLON IN MAN ..... please if anyone has any ideas on connecting the two together i would be very grateful PLEASE!!!!!
Yeah really, it's not that hard.

Plug you guitar into the GT-8's input, and from the GT-8's output to your RC-20 and from that to you amp.
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if you need help with that, ask Vincent745

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Thanks Guys Its Just Iv Used Both Out Puts Cos One Gos To My Amp The Other To My Roland Dm 20s The Other Side Of The Room.not Sure If You Have A Gt8 But You Can Set It Up Loads Of Ways And It Was Confusing Me I Need To Use One More Output.im Prob Way Over My Head Here Cos Im Not 100% Sure On What Im Doin Lol...please Be Kind Lol