I have found a good deal on the crate powerblock, and I am debating whether I should buy two, or save up even more and just buy one.

Obviously, being a solid state means that it would not sound good if used as pure guitar amp, but I think it can act well for absolute clean, which makes it good for power amp or PA. The size is a definite plus.

If buying two is a better idea, how can I sum up their power and feed into a 4x12?
Eww gross, no! Even the cleans on those things sound like ****. I would NOT suggest buying one.

I played one through an old Fender 2x12 cab with an ES-175 and the Powerblock sounded like one of those crappy starter pack amps. Ugh.
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are you going to be using it as a preamp too?

Probably not at this point, since the main point of powerblock is power and portability, which makes it the only SS amp done right IMHO. However, I would not doubt that I may use it as preamp only in the future, if it's good enough.

It surely beats polytone or JazzKing's pricepoint, though.
i dont have any experience with them. I did own a crate amp the distortion was horrible, the cleans were okay but as you turn it louder it got really bad. Then i used a pod through it... dont ever do that.
I'd only use it as a power amp, but if you want try the tone out before you buy it, ive had starter pack amps that had better tone than it haha
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What I was thinking is:
EVJ--> signal reduction to line level --> go to power amp of the crate powerblock.
This is, of course, when I need volume, so in a way it is a backup amp. Plus, just in case some idiot decide to forget to bring their amp, I can loan one out.

The reason I am asking one or two is because I know that some people decided to purchase another one even though their original are still working fine (for them), so my guess is that they are using it as a power amp.

What I want to be certain is that there are ways to chain two power block up and feed them into the same cab stack. If not, I will buy one; the extra one hundred dollars I saved could be used toward a "medium" wattage (between 15 to 50) tube combo or my next guitar.

And yes, I know a 30w tube will probably be as loud as this, but also twice the size and twice the weight. You don't see me asking about other 150w SS head, do you? My main reason going for this is due to its size and weight.

P.S. And I need to be able to carry this on a bus; powerblock seems to fit the bill nicely. If I can some how reroute the tube sound of a champion 600, which seems to be lighter than the VJ-head, into the power amp of the powerblock, it would work well for my purpose.
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