But i need advice on strings. In the past month i've gone through two sets of strings because i keep tearing off the D and G strings on my Schecter (the ends over the tailpiece come undone and the strings break free). I'm using D'Addario EX110s i believe, the 10 - 46 set, but find my fingers are a bit too strong for them. I'm pondering what guages to change to (basically i've gone throught the 5 sets of strings i bought in october because of my fingers), so i was thinking of a few gauges;

- 10.5 - 48
- 11 - 49
- 11 - 50
- 11 - 52

Browsing through musiciansfriend and guitar center's websites, there are a few of the 11 guage strings; some have wound third strings, some are wound to be mellower, some are brighter, etc etc. Which would be better for me? Or would the 10.5 set be better than an 11 set?

By the way, please realize that I like D'Addarios. I dont know what it is about em, but i love the feel, the sound, and the fact when i'm not breaking them, they stay in tune really ****in well and last for awhile (i have a set of 10s on my first guitar, have been on there for nearly a year, and it still sounds like i just put new strings on it). If it matters, I play mainly of Rock and Metal, but I'm trying to expand my pallete and play a lot of blues and jazz. If it matters, my setup is a Marshall MG10CD and a Boss DS-1 (decent practice setup, but it still sounds god awful and doesn't cut it for anything aside from practice), but i should be upgrading to a tube head and cab by june.
If your fingers are too strong for them, try the 11s. If you like the 10s though, I'd recommend Dean Markley Blue Steels. I have them on most of my guitars and I can honestly say I haven't snapped many strings. If your Schecter is breaking the strings, why don't you get that fixed or something? Is the bridge sharp or something?
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so far my ernie ball rgular slinky have last me a good while and it still looks and plays like brand new(well maybe a little rusty)
/\/\ It may be the bridge. I'll double check with my teacher on tuesday and see what he says about it. Now that you mention it, it may be the bridge on the guitar. Normally when i break strings, they snap about half way and fly off, but this time it go stripped at the bridge, so it may be that. I mean, i never broke strings on my ****ty RG's bridge, so it just may be the schecter. Otherwise, i'm looking for something that'll be a bit stiffer than the 10s, mainly on the 3 through 6 strings. the B and E strings are fine i guess, but i find that the rest of my strings can feel loose at times.

/\ I'm not fond of Ernie Balls. They came on the schecter when i got it (guy before me like EB's i guess), and i wasn't fond of them in the least bit. felt flat and sounded dull. My only problem is i have 3 sets of Ernie Ball 9s i was gunna try on my RG, but i was snapping 9s left and right, so i guess i'm out the money for the EB's.just
^I hear ya, Ernie Balls break easy IMO

I think it could be the bridge as well, since you're only breaking them on your schecter
You could try and lube up the bridge with some graphite
A simple fix is solder the ends were they wrap around the string it stops them from coming unwound. You dont need much just a quick layer.

If your straight up snapping them then up the gauge or maybe down tune to like Eb so you have more flexablity.
i need it in E cuz i'm taking lessons and it's my only good guitar (my RG should be burned in a fire, it sounds that bad).
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^I hear ya, Ernie Balls break easy IMO

I think it could be the bridge as well, since you're only breaking them on your schecter
You could try and lube up the bridge with some graphite

ive been playin various guage eirne balls and have never broken a string...ever... great tone too.
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well if your running 10's now and due to tension of standard tuning your breaking strings. You should probally try and go down to 9's, to give you some slack rather then add more tension.
I love Ernie Ball strings. Don't get the hate sometimes on durability. They sound better and feel far superior to most all string brands I've tried. Ive broken daddarios and DR's very quickly and the EB's seem to last a long time for me too.
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They do feel the best by far

They just don't last as long or hold their tone as long at least in my experience.