Well Hello Y'all I made a TAB (Chords) contribution for the site it was by METALLICA "Nothing else Matters" Anyways It got Rejected ..........Well thats not the point of my Topic The point is : it's Rejected & now how can i See it I forgot To Type it on my computer or in a note Or whatever Coz once i get the chords in my head i type on the NET So now its rejected & i need to see it How can i Find them ?? ........

Ps. i dont need the other chords on the site Coz my version was really EASY & Beginnerish .................. so i need to know how i can get my chords back ????

Well if they were rejected, your chords are obviously wrong. So why do you still want them?


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You can't get it anymore once it's rejected. That's why I always save my tabs to Notebook before I submit them so I don't lose my information.
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Yeah but its nice to have ur own version of it Online LOL

Anyways I didnt why they Rejected but i saw some other artist Sang that song & they were like my chords .......... So dont worry .............

Thanx for the replies anyways This Teaches me to save my tabs b4 posting heheh thanx Y'all
u should save it first
go to file save next time
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