I have previously made my own guitar. At the time I didn't have that much money so instead of using a floyd rose, like the body was made for I somehow put in a strat tremolo. Now, since I have received a floyd rose, I want to put it in, but heres the problem. The neck that I put on the guitar I made was made with a normal nut. I was wondering if it is possible, and if so, how can i put a locking nut in the place of a normal nut, are there any specificatoins, if so what are they, how far should the strings be from the fretboard, etc. Any help would be greatly be appreciated. Thank you.
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P.S. I already took off the normal nut.
The strings whould be as far from the fretboard as they were with the old nut, so if you put the regular nut right in front of the locking nut, you'll know what the difference in height is between their grooves. This height difference should be chiseled out or shimmed up in the nut slot. And when you carve out wood for the locking nut, you'll of course only do it towards the headstock, to maintain the proper scale.

As for specs, locking nuts come in a few different widths. Measure your neck width at the nut and order the one that fits.
Thank you very much. I do have another question though. How do you put the nut into the guitar, would glue work, or would I have to make the screw holes and buy screws(because my crappy off brand name floyd rose didn't come with them) and screw it in from the bottom? Also, this seems obvious, but I just want to make sure, the floyd rose shouldn't bump into the recess in my guitar, should it?If it shouldn't I'll just chisel it out. Thank you very much.
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The nut should be screwed onto the neck, yes. And you'll need to predrill sime holes. There's no need to go all the way through, though.

And of course the trem should go right into the cavity when you pull up, without making gashes in the finish. I don't know what kind of finish you've got on your guitar, but it'll get wrecked if you chisel or rout your cavity larger unless you're very proficient.
Thank you again, but i have a couple of simple questoins now(I know, I can be pretty nervous and unsure with myself, but I don't want to make any mistakes). First off, the string going into the tremolo just goes in that little hoe that the little block of metal pushes against it right? I think so, but it seems like it would pop out. Second, do I need that bar that goes on the head, I think it's called the saddle, cause my floyd rose didn't come with it. Thank you so much.
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Yeah, the string goes into the hole in the saddle, and then the screw that points backwards must be screwed in tight enough to make the string clamp grip the string. There's a balance here- too tight and you'll make a flat spot on the string that would make it snap prematurely, and too loose will make the string slip out.

And the bar bahind the nut is called a "retainer bar", and this is somewhat necessary since it keeps the strings held down at an angle so the guitar won't go sharp quite as badly when you lock down the nut. You should get one because it'll save you some grief...