I want to play all of these games but I only have enough money to buy one. Which one should I get?

EDIT: I tried to make a poll but I somehow screwed something up. Anyway, the games I'm thinking of getting are Burnout Paradise, Turok, and No More Heroes.
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Burnout Paradise
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I'm dying to play the new turok. If the reviews are decent I'll definetly buy it

or burnout. I loved revenge on the Xbox
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ive never heard of them...i thnk ive heard of burnout. the racing game?!
Burnout or COD4
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Isn't the new Turok essentially a re-make of a game that's almost 12 years old? That's just lazy.. The Burnout advert's annoyed me enough to not buy it out of spite for a while (if I had a 360, of course), so I'd go with the other on (No More Heroes) a go, even if it sounds like a lame emo/indie band/song name
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