ok I entered the jimmy eat world contest, but it idk how to tell if you won or not it hasnt sent an e-mail and UG hasn't announced the winners I'm just wondering if there is a time range or something.
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wow your a complete asshole

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No one in the forums has ever won anything as far as I know.
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Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do more look like?
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wow your a complete asshole

He's not wrong.

It's usually one of the band's roadies that wins it...
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No, there was some guy on here who won. He tried to sell whatever it was in the gear ads and then moved to eBay when he realized people on UG don't actually have money.

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to the person that said "your not going to win give up" the only reason you say that is cuz you have never won anything so thus you have absolutely no hope go take your anger out on yourself with a razor blade. to everyone else thanks for nothing only two of you actually gave me good info so thank youblue strat and fenderkid87 and also to sinoweed for sticking up for me.