love them, try marksultan.com if you havent heard of them, a few songs from them are up for free download, there you will also find mark sultans/bbqs solo work which is just as amazing.

someone mentioned them in a thread a made awhile back about the mummies, and i saw that their was no thread yet on The show, so, here i am now.
I like them a lot, I just wish that they would play the west coast
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good band, my friend Andy is on Khan's record label and my housemates are driving the Shrines on tour this summer. I'm gonna see if I can sneak onto that one.
They're sweet. The Space****s too. I've not really liked what I've heard of the Shrines, but 2 outta three is pretty great.
**** Yes

Favorite songs?

Got it made, Fish Fight, Love you so, Shake Real Low, Bimbos Theme,Treat me like a dog, Ill never belong, Too much in love, Zombies, and Operation.
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