i dont no if this should go in the other section or what but im looking for alternative bands influenced by free jazz stuff. im thinking of a couple songs by pere ubu or half japanese that incorporated free jazz really well and i love that stuff, but besides those few songs i cant really find anything.
sorry if i explained that terribly.
ive heard a few things by actual free jazz bands, especially sun ra. a lot of it i like but some of it seems too close to regular jazz structures and what not and especially when they start singing, i cant stand jazz singers. anyways if anyone can point out any specific albums along those lines or anything, thatd be great too.
i no this probly makes no sense but if anyone knows what im tlaking about id appreciate it.
i'm interested too, the only free jazz i know is sun ra. some sonic youth is free jazz influenced but isn't along the free jazz lines... i don't know
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