okay so this happened back in decemberbut ive been to busy/lazy to write up.

Last fall i had all my gear stolen: 2 amps, 4 guitars and pretty much everything else in my room. Insurance gave my 3600

I went to gc the day after christmas intending to spend about 2000 on a new guitar and amp. First thing i did was check out some of the fenders but i looked over on the used wall and saw two things which caught my eye, a semi hollowbody schecter 6 string Csh-1 for 499

thats not my actual guitar but its exactly the same. It does not show the flame maple on this picture at all. I dont have a camera here at school or id take pics.

I also saw an Ibanez RG 7 string for 239!. It was labeled as ibanez rg7321, but i found out after i bought it that with the serial numbers and specs, it turned out to be a rg7420, which is made and japan and supposedly much bettter.

I had the salesman put the ibanez behind the counter then played a bunch of amps on the schecter. nd it came down to a peavey valveking112 , bc52 at112, crate v15 with pedals. The bc52 was onsale for 399. I ended up liking the b52 so i asked the salesman to grab me the amp from the back. He said there was only the floor model left so offered it to me for $249. When I told him I wanted the schecter and I was gunna grab a bunch of other stuff, he started giving me serious deals on everything . He gave me the schecter for $350.

but heres what i ended up getting
Schecter CSH-1- $350
Ibanez RG7420- $205
BC52 AT112- $249
2 Monster Cables- $60 ( alittle over 30 each)
Footswitch- $25
Hardshell case- $75
Tweed Hardshell case-$ 100
Decent Gig Bag- $25
Hercules Stands duo Guitar stand - $45 (AMAZING guitar stand, but barely fit the 7
Dimarazio clip lock- $20
Levy's leather strap- $45

THis all added up to be right under 1300. He took off an additional 50 at the register and threw in a bunch of accesories and random stuff. He gave me a few dozen picks, 2 packs of strings for the shecter, 1 for the 7 string, cleaning rags and guitar fender guitar cleaner

so all in all i felt i made out getting a better guitar then i bought it for with the 7 string, a great deal on the amps, and i didnt cheap out on accesories so i picked up a bunch of quality gear
Ibanez RG7420
Schecter CSH-1 Semi Hollowbody- W/ Duncans
Roland Microcube
B52 AT112 60 watt
Monster Cables

Deluxe Double Fat Strat- Pewter
Gibson SG- w/ SD Invader
Line 6 Flextone II w/floorboard
woah thats cheap for a seven string.....im suprised you didn't get an acoustic or a bass but whatever
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Nice, that Schecter is sexy.
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coolio. You found a nice employee. I just got a fender tele and got the guy to knock off $20, but that's it. I also got a pack of strings, and they made me pay for it
a shopping spree at guitar center...awesome.
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Wow..I'm jelous, I would get my gear insured and the 'loose it' for the insurance money, but by typing this..the insurance company would have proofe of my insurance fraud, then I wouldn't be playing any guitar at all for 3 to 5....but anyway, nice gear
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I have a Schecter C1 E/A almost exactly like that. It is quilted maple top with SD hb's in it now, a '59 neck and JB bridge, nickel plated; plus it is stereo and has piezo electric bridge saddles. Very awesome acoustic sound thru an acoustic amp and super great electric amp; magnificent stereo thru both at the same time.

Yours looks awesome too. Mine is antique looking maple and real expensive looking. It was like 900 but I got it for 329 because they had it around about a year. What a deal. I was looking at some Epi SG's that didn't sound as good as my '66 Epi SG copy and the manager knew I was going to leave without buying anything.

Great purchase.

is it just me or am i the only one doubting that he brought the ibanez for 200? they dont make that model of the rg anymore and the ones that are still around go for at least 400 and guitar center usually put all their used gear in 1 section that saids used. also guitar center sells their used gear for w/e the online price is +50 dollars or more depending on the guitar.